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安全駕駛命長久 巴士意外探因由 (What sort of measures we need to put in place in order to ensure the safety of Hong Kong’s franchised bus service?) (18 Feb 2018)

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台上嘉賓: 莊太量 交通諮詢委員會成員 Terence Chong Tai-Leung Member, Transport Advisory Committee 林卓廷 立法會交通事務委員會副主席 Lam Cheuk-ting Deputy Chairman, Panel on Transport, LegCo 黎兆聰 汽車交通運輸業總工會九巴分會副主任 Lai Siu-chung Deputy Director, the Motor Transport Workers General Union's KMB branch 林占士 巴士公司前優質服務推廣經理 James Elms Former Manager, Service Quality Department , Bus Company 主持: 蘇敬恆 維多利亞公園 (12-1300直播)

Publish Date: 
Sunday, February 18, 2018
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