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A Week in politics

Tonight's show should be called "A Year in Politics" as we look back on the political and social events of 2004.


Janny是一個多年承受著壓力的母親,因為她的兒子浩廷是一個很特別的孩子。 浩廷自小不喜歡說話,經常發脾氣、鬧情緒,在學校被老師視為不聽教、不合作的問題兒童,經過評估後,Janny發現浩廷左耳聽覺有毛病,有輕微過度活躍症,有輕微自閉傾向及情緒問題,還要加上讀寫障礙,但浩廷的智商卻較一般小孩為高。

Media watch

Had news of the potential effect of Boxing Day's tsunami been passed on quickly enough hundreds, or even thousands, might have survived.

Arts Unlimited

In the eyes of many, art is something that could only be seen in a museum. However, local artists like Freeman Lau, Ha Bik Chuen and So Hing Keung clearly do not think so.



Hong Kong Connection

China is now the world's most prolific producer of consumer products. For instance, it made 6 billion pairs of shoes for export in 2003.

Inside Story

Ecotourism in S.W. China.

Inside Story

Pro-choice activists use international water to challenge the ban on abortion in Portugal.