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2014 Library User Satisfaction Survey




2014 Library User Satisfaction Survey

Thank you very much for your participation and voices. There were 255 respondents this year. 72% of the respondents used the Library three or more days a week. The major respondents were full-time undergraduates (48%) and followed by staff member (19.7%) and Associate Degree students (15.7%). 6.1% were full-time post-graduates. More than half (59%) of the respondents live in hostels. (For the details of the respondent profile, you can visit:


We are very pleased to learn that the overall satisfaction score this year is 3.82 in 5-point scale which is the highest score ever since 1997 when we first started the annual user satisfaction survey. Circulation services scored the highest of 4.04 and Equipment had the lowest score of 3.64. In terms of individual items, Reference Services – Friendly (4.04), Lighting (4.12) and Circulation Services – Helpful (4.11) were the top three of the table. We are committed to maintain a high service quality and glad to know that our effort was acknowledged through the feedbacks from this survey.

For the details of the survey result, you can visit:



From both the satisfaction score and your written comments, we notice that computer, printing & photocopier equipment are your key concerns. To ensure that you have the necessary facilities for your study and research, we review the library’s equipment regularly. We replaced two photocopiers on 1/F South with the double-side printing function in Sep 2013. At the beginning of 2014, we installed two standalone Express Printers (allows printing files from USB) which aimed to enhance the level of our printing service. An additional heavy duty printer and a new colour printer were installed in 2/F MLLC in Mar 2014. This summer, we will upgrade all the PCs in the Information Commons area. We also planned to install an additional Octopus network colour printer in the IC, and a new heavy duty Octopus network printer on Library 3/F. As we provide free WIFI service, we encourage users to bring their own notebook computers to the Library to ease the pressure of high demand of computers especially in the peak season. We also upgraded our mobile app Library2Go in Apr 2014. You can now use it to access your library account, check PCs available in the Library, live chat with our librarian and access our "Guides @ LU".


There were a few comments requesting better library collections. Our Collection Development team has spent tremendous effort in making the best use of our budget in developing our collections. We have more than 514,000 volumes of books, bound journals, audio-visual materials and more 1,036,000 E-books in 2014. We have higher E-Books per full-time equivalent (FTE) student ratio when comparing to other JULAC Libraries1 in 2012. Each Lingnan student has 102 E-books while JULAC Libraries's student has 76 E-books. You are welcome to recommend new books, journals, or audio visual materials to the Library. Recommendations can be made online at :


We are glad to hear that you would like to have more exhibitions and seminars in the Library. Located in the prime area of the campus with thousands of visitors everyday, Library is a perfect place for exhibitions and seminars. We held several exhibitions and seminars cooperated with other departments and external organisations in 2013-14. For example, the “Paintings Exhibition of Anna Glynn”, Lingnan University's Artist in Residence from Australia, the “Myanmar Perspectives: 50 Paintings from a Changing Country” painting exhibition, film show and panel discussion of the movie “The Lady” cooperated with Prof. Ian Holliday of the University of Hong Kong, jointly organized seminar with Customs and Excise Department of the HKSAR on “Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement in Hong Kong”, etc. More are planned for the new academic year.


Cafe is one of the most favorable places for refreshment in the Library. We installed a new water dispenser with hot and cold water in the Cafe and 3/F in Sep 2013. We also plan to replace the furniture in the Cafe to let you have a better environment for leisure and communication with students and staff.


It’s our duty to provide a nice and quiet environment. We applied measures like putting signage and regular patrol by staff to remind users to keep their voice level down and use mobile phone only in the Cafe. Please report to the Circulation counter whenever you are disturbed. But all of these cannot be effective without your cooperation to make the Library a better place for studying and researching.


In response to a few comments on the low temperature in the Library, temperature monitor had been installed and we have been working closely with Facilities Management Division (FMD) to run regular check on the temperature level in order to maintain a well-balanced and environmental friendly temperature level in the Library.


Thank you very much again for your participation in the survey and supports to the Lingnan Library. We hope that we can be your lifelong learning partner in pursuing excellence in liberal art study. As always, please feel free to contact us for any comments or suggestions. You can reach us at


Fong Sum Wood Library

Lingnan University

Jun 2014



1. The Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee (JULAC) with members of 8 UGC institution libraries in Hong Kong.


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