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2015 Library User Satisfaction Survey



2015 Library User Satisfaction Survey Poster


2015 Library User Satisfaction Survey

Thank you very much for your participation and valuable comments. We are proud to learn that the overall satisfaction score is 3.93 in 5-point scale which is the highest score in second consecutive years. There were 237 respondents this year. The major respondents were full-time undergraduates (48%) and followed by staff members (19%). Nearly half (49%) of the respondents live in hostels. For the details of the respondent profile, please visit:


“Circulation” services scored the highest 4.2 out of the 5-point scale with a 4% increase. “Equipment” scored the highest increase of 5.7% when comparing with score in the last year. The upgrade of all PCs in the Information Commons area and printing facilities enhancement last year probably improved the quality of services in this area. “Circulation Service – Friendly” (4.23), “Circulation Service – Helpful” (4.23) and “Security” (4.19) were the top three of the individual items. “Network Printing” (12%), “Individual Study Rooms” (9.5%), “Photocopiers” (8.6%) were the top three items with the biggest increase in score when comparing with score in 2014. We are committed to maintain high level service quality to support teaching, learning and research.

For the details of the survey result, you can visit:


1997-2015 Library User Satisfaction Survey Overall Satisfaction Mean Score (1-5, Least to Most)

2015 Library User Satisfaction Survey Satisfaction Mean Score (1-5, Least to Most)


This year, we are working on two large projects that, while not very visible at the moment, will significantly impact library services and operations in coming years.
Re-imagine the Library

This year an architect will help us re-imagine our library as a space to support teaching, learning and research. The last large-scale library renovation in 2003-2005 added two more floors to the Library. Since then, four building projects were conducted to address different immediate issues, just as we now need to address an acute shortage of shelving for the growth of the library collection. Instead of focusing solely on expanding shelving capacity we think now is the time to take a broader view and re-imagine library spaces to provide better library and IT services that also incorporate suggestions on facilities that we have received from you over the years e.g. noise problem, better cafe, more individual and group study rooms, etc.
We plan to invite both staff and students to work with us as we begin to plan the library for the future. With an architectural plan in place, we will then work with the University to seek UGC funding for the actual construction.


Integrate HKALL with a shared JULAC library online system

HKALL is one of the most visible cooperative projects supported by the Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee (JULAC), the library consortium of the eight UCG libraries. One of the primary focuses of JULAC is deep collaboration among member libraries. In support of this goal we have decided to find a new software platform that will allow the eight libraries and HKALL to share one system, replacing the eight individual online systems and the separate HKALL server, greatly reducing system maintenance while creating flexibility to improve the level of service. Once the eight library systems and the HKALL server are merged we will be able to
1) redirect staff resources to new projects and services critical to you, and
2) create additional collaborative projects that will further reduce highly labor-intensive processes currently duplicated at each campus.

Moreover, in order to response to your request of a simple search engine for library's resources, we hope that the new system will let users to have better searching experience by avoiding the duplication of searching different catalogues.


Library collections are always your main concern. Our Collection Development team has spent tremendous effort in making the best use of our budget. Apart from that we will introduce the new “Book Chapter Inter-library Loan” to enhance our services in providing quality collection resources. In the past, users could only request journal articles (softcopy via email) or physical book through our Interlibrary Loan Services. From Sep 2015, book chapter (softcopy via email) from other local and overseas libraries collections can be requested. It will save a lot of time if you only need a chapter from a book. As at Jul 2015, 83 libraries participated this book chapter sharing service, libraries of Princeton University (US), Michigan State University (US), National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan), Hong Kong University of Science & Technology are some examples.

We put a lot of efforts to provide a nice and quiet environment. You probably have noticed that we have changed some new furniture in the library. We will also refurnish all individual study rooms in this summer. We have staff to patrol the library every hour to make sure that you will not be disturbed by loud noise. We also have measurements to maintain a comfortable temperature in the library including having staff to patrol different areas in the library and make sure that it's not too cold or too hot. We have been working with Facilities Management Division (FMD) to work in this area.

As mobile devices are getting more popular, we upgraded our Library App - Library2Go to version 2.0 and introduced the Android version. You can now use "Chat Reference" service in your mobile device. We definitely will put more efforts to enhance our services in this area.

Thank you very much again for your participation and supports to the Lingnan University Library. We hope that we can be your partner for life-long learning and whole person development in Lingnan’s liberal art study. As always, your comments are valuable to us to improve our services and please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any comments or suggestions:

Fong Sum Wood Library
Lingnan University
Jul 2015


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