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English Language Support Service


English Language Support Service (ELSS) is provided by CEAL of the Unviersity. The details are as follows:

Writing Tutorial Service (20 mins)

These are 20-minute sessions you can work one-on-one with a VET to see where you can make improvements… and you MUST bring a piece of your writing.

Academically Speaking (50 mins)

Academically Speaking is a 50-minute group workshop that is designed to help you improve your speaking for academic needs.

English Chat Room (30 mins)

These are 30-minute group sessions where you can practice your English for social or academic fluency. We have two types of sessions: free talks and Hot Topics.

Speaking Studio (20 mins)

These are 20-minute sessions where students can either register individually or with members of a group project. Here you can work on things like interview practice, IELTS Speaking, speeches, and individual or group presentations.

Academic Reading Skills Workshop (50 mins)

Our Academic Reading Skills Workshops focus on reading comprehension skills, reading speed, and other troublesome aspects of this English skill. These are 50-minute group workshops that will help you learn useful skills to use throughout your university life.

IELTS Practicum (50 mins)

At the IELTS Practicum, we have sessions for IELTS Speaking (Task 1-3) and IELTS Writing (Task 1&2). These are 50-minute group sessions that range between beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. This service is designed to help you practice and prepare for the IELTS Exam.

You can do registration HERE.