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  International English Tests                                      

Grammar Exercises and Games


Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

General Writing

Business Writing



Learn English Free Online                    

Find help with your grammar and vocabulary with tests, games, dictation and a forum. Live weekly lessons on speaking, reading and listening skills.

Academic Info: English & ESL/EFL

Internet Resources on English Grammar, Writing, & English as a Foreign Language.

BBC Learning English

 >Cashing in on Language

 China Bookshelf 1993

Centre for English and Additional Languages



You can listen to songs and look at the lyrics, read poems or magazines, as well as some vocabulary and grammar help.

Roggy's ESLweb

Free interactive exercises for English grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading.


 The Language Key Online Magazine

 Read it ! General Studies



  Free English Language Lessons and EFL Exam Practice                   

Free grammar lessons, EFL exam explanations and practice, reading exercises and downloadable language games.


 Exploring China


ESL English Listening Lounge A superb site using authentic listening passages                   

 Listen! Ten More Interactive English Lessons Disc 1

 Listen! Ten More Interactive English Lessons Disc 2


 Voicebooks: Expert I                            


Voicebooks : Expert II

 Ease : Listening to Lecture

Business English                                      

BBC Learning English - Business English Contains rather up-to-date Business English on talking business, get that job, working abroad, work skills, etc by BBC                   

 Business Territory 1


Business English LessonsA site with a series of Business English language lessons, Business English vocabulary, idioms, etc                             

Australia Network - The Business of English

Provides video, audio, quizzes, tips and more on different business situations


 Connected Speech                   

   Effective Presentations

It has useful information on producing visuals and lots of links to other presentation skills resources online

 English in Speech (from RTHK e-Learning) 

You hear and learn about 7 famous speeches selected and explained by local columnist Tao Jie


Apart of HK PolyU's Centre for Independent Language Learning on the web


 Mouth ManglersThispronunciation site has example sentences containing various vowel sounds                               


 Pronunciation Power 1 - Beginner / Intermediate

 Pronunciation Power 2 - Intermediate / Advanced


 Effective PresentationsIt has useful information on producing visuals and lots of links to other presentation skills resourcesonline                   

 English in Speech (from RTHK e-Learning)

You hear and learn about 7 famous speeches selected and explained by local columnist Tao Jie

 Speak easy! : oral presentation skills in English for academic and professional use


 Practical English Series : Small Talk 1                                


 Practical English Series : Small Talk 2

 Practical English Series : Small Talk 3

 Telephone Talk Disc 1

 Telephone Talk Disc 2

Radio and TV Station                                      

 News Hour  

You can use to check your listening comprehension.

 BBC English Radio - English Language Learning & Teaching

Great tips on how to start learning English using radio programmes

 CBC Radio on The Internet

This is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation'sradio station


 CBS News: Up-To-The-Minute newsOne of America's premier TV stations with live video feeds for breaking news                      


 RTHK on the Internet Home Page

You will find live broadcasts of radio programmes in English

 VOA (Voice of America)

The VOA newsroom has live news via the internet as well as a seven-day archive


 Cambridge International Dictionary of English                 

 Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary

Shows definitions as well as etymological information. Thedefinitions may not be very easy to understand though


 Oxford English Dictionary                                  


 The American Heritage Book of English Usage

A practical guide to English style, with individual chapters devoted to grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, scientific forms, etc

 The Interactive Picture Dictionary

 Encyclopedia Britannica

Searching Encyclopedia Britannica Online can lead you to a wealth of information


 Adapting Your Reading Strategies to Different MaterialsStresses the importance of applying the right skills for reading at the appropriate depth                   

 BBC News

Takes a current topic and provides a short article for you to read


 Speed Reading - Radically Increaing Your Reading SpeedExplains how some reading habits cause people toread slowly                                 


 Learn English Central (BritishCouncil)

LearnEnglish Central provides English language practice for everyone, but especially for teenagers and adult learners.


 Academic Info: English & ESL/EFLInternet Resources on English Grammar,Writing, & English as a Foreign Language.     

 Focus on Grammar IntermediateLevel

 Focus on Grammar High Intermediate Level

 Focus on Grammar Advanced Level

 Free English Language Lessons and EFL Exam Practice

Free grammar lessons, EFL exam explanations andpractice, reading exercises and downloadable language games

 Issues in English


English Grammar SecretUse these English grammar lessons for self study or to consolidateyour lessons with your teacher.                                


 Online English Grammar

Explains English grammar according to parts of speech

 Study Skills Success

 Tense Buster Intermediate

 Tense Buster Lower Intermediate

 Tense Buster Upper Intermediate

 Tense Buster Advanced

 Tense Buster 2001 - Elementary

 Tense Buster 2001 - Lower Intermediate

 Tense Buster 2001 - Intermediate

 Tense Buster 2001 - Upper Intermediate

 Tense Buster 2001 - Advanced

International English Tests                                      

 Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test                   

 Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test - CD 1

 Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test - CD 2

 Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test - CD 3

 Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test - CD 4


The complete range of English language skills which will commonly be encountered by studentswhen studying or training in the medium of English


 Road to IELTS : IELTS preparation and practice

 Net Languages

An online IELTS preparation course which consists of six modules: introduction, listening,reading, writing, speaking and practice test

Grammar Exercises and Games                                      

 English Language Centre Study ZoneSelection of free grammar explanations and interactive exercises for beginner to advanced students 


 Grammar QuizzesThis page contains lots of quizzes on various grammatical items                                  


 Nonstop English - GRAMMAR exercises

Practise your English grammar and vocabulary skills withinteractive tests on this free website


World Wide Words -Topical Words

Notes and comments on wordsoften used in the news


 English Vocabulary - Going Places                                  


 English Vocabulary - Location

 English Vocabulary - Shopping

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs                                      

 ESL Idiom Page Presentscommonly used idioms with explanations and examples arranged in alphabeticalorder                   

 Quizzes on Idioms, Phrasal Verbs and Slang

Quick quizzes collected by the Internet TESL Journal


 ESL Phrasal VerbPresents commonly used phrasal verbs with explanations and examplesarranged in alphabetical order  

General Writing                                      

Poster Sessions     

 The Writer's Assistant


A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples                                    


 Paradigm's Online Writing Assistant

Excellent advice for the writing process, from discovering, organizing to revising andediting.

Resources for writers from Purdue University

A set of excellent handouts on various writing matters.

Business Writing                                      

Business Letters Writing Guide Proposal Writing Short Course

Very detailed guidelines for writing grant proposals from the

Foundation Center, USA.

 The Report Writer - Letter,Faxes and Emails

 The Report Writer - Business Report