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Air-conditioning is Too Strong


Thank you for your suggestion.

We had inspected and adjusted the air-conditioning system for the Library 3/F to 25 degree Celsius in accordance with the University’s guideline.  However, the exact indoor temperature may still vary due to the large space of the building and also influenced by outside temperature.  In case, you feel cold next time, please approach our duty staff at the MLLC Counter on Library 2/F or the Circulation Counter on Library 1/F.  Our staff would contact the Facilities Management Division for providing instant support.

If we can assist you further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Andrew LIU
Access and Circulation Librarian


I feel the air-conditioning is too strong. It's very cold here in the library despite that I've already put my jacket on. The 3rd floor is especially too cold and unbearable for me. I appreciate it if the air-conditioning can be turned down a bit - not only for the comfort of the readers but also for the environment.