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Library Notice

Booktalk at Library─ Musicophilia in Mumbai: Performing Subjects and the Metropolitan Unconscious

Speaker: Prof. Tejaswini NIRANJANA
Director, Centre for Cultural Research and Development
Professor and Head, Department of Cultural Studies
Date: 21 October 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Venue: Mini-Theatre, 2/F, Lingnan University Library
+ real-time online session
Medium: English
Target Audience: All Staff & Students
Remarks: 1 ILP in INT
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The booktalk is organized by the newly established centre, The Centre for Cultural Research and Development, Department of Cultural Studies, and the Library. In the book, Prof. NIRANJANA traces the place of Hindustani classical music in Mumbai throughout the long twentieth century as the city moved from being a seat of British colonial power to a vibrant postcolonial metropolis.
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All staff and students are welcome. Register and join now!