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Library Notice

Terms and Conditions

  1. Materials offered as a donation is not always added to the library collection
  2. Donated materials will be evaluated with criteria, such as relevance to the teaching programmes, usage, currency, physical conditions and so on
  3. The Library may not accept items that are already found in the collection. Donated materials become the property of the Library
  4. The Library reserves the right to dispose donated items not required by the library collection
  5. Please see also the details for donation policy

Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement

  1. University's Privacy Policy Statement is available at
  2. Personal Information Collection Statement

Donation Details* (For more items, please attach the additional details below.)

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Acknowledge of Receipt *

I agree to abide by all Rules, Regulations and Policies of Lingnan University Library, Terms and Conditions of this form, and Personal Information Collection Statement
I understand that the Library may not add the above items to the library collection. The Library reserves the right to apply standard processing procedures for the donated items. All unaccepted items would be disposed at Library’s own discretion. 

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