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I think therefore I paint ─ First Solo Exhibition by KEUNG Wai Kai
「我思故我畫」 ─ 姜偉佳首次個人畫展
16 March 2012
13 April 2012
2/F, Mini Theatre
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「我思故我在」這個哲學議題的出現,是因人類是會思考的動物,特別對人生許多問題的懷疑與困惑而產生的。援引它的句法,出現「我思故我畫」的畫展主題。思考都是我們的出發點,對人生的疑惑,多少都出現在我的畫題裡,如「盼望」、「忍耐」和「沉思」等。不過更多是藝術的思考,譬如思考如何塑造令形象更加突出、用色多少會更有美感等。 因為我只是鍾意畫畫,特別是畫人像。展出的人像主人翁,全部是與自己一起生活的院舍朋友,他們的外表獨特,經歷又與自己有相似之處。自己都是殘疾人士,患有肌肉萎縮症,面對著健康的問題,時常都會感到一些困惑和疑問,潛意式的將情感寄寓和抒發,就這樣出現了這些作品。

About the artist – KEUNG Wai-kai

KEUNG loved to draw since childhood and learnt drawing and calligraphy on his own. In high school he studied drawing at a private art studio. Having muscular dystrophy and presently at the Rehabilitation Complex, he often volunteers as the illustrator for the publications of the center and the designer for various souvenirs. Besides, he participates in many different art activities at the Rehabilitation Complex. Keung is particularly keen on portrait and landscape drawings. A few years back, he initiated the inception of a more formal gathering of artists, in order to facilitate their communication and collaboration. His efforts eventually brought about the establishment of the Inclusive Art Hub. It is Keung’s aspiration to serve the community through his artistic capacity.

Artist Statement for the exhibition

The paintings express how I feel about human nature, especially people's character and their appearances. For example, a friend's cheerful and optimistic nature, or my spending harmonious time with a certain friend who has unusual physical features, has sparked off my passion to paint them with deep admiration and respect.

Human beings often strive to seek the answers to the questions about life, giving rise to many schools of thinking and philosophical articles, such as "I think, therefore I am." My paintings often stem from a thought, an idea about the human condition and, therefore, I have explored the themes about "hope", "patience" and "meditation", etc. I also emphasize the artistic aspects, such as how to enhance the characteristic and aura of the portrait, and how to use colorto create greater aesthetic results.

I love to do portraits, especially portraits of my friends in the Centre, with whom I share my everyday life. They all have distinctive appearances and have similar life experiences as I. Having muscular dystrophy, I face similar health issues and difficulties. My paintings serve as a release of my related thoughts, feelings and concerns.