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Lingnan Arts Biennale 2021 Motion Picture Shows: My Way 乾旦路
Screening and Post-screening Talk
Mr. CHEUK Cheung, Film Director of My Way
The Faculty of Arts
15 November 2021
6:30 p.m.
15 November 2021
8:15 p.m.
MBG22, Ben C. M. Wong Lecture Theatre, Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building

If you are walking on a path which seems to lead nowhere, will you still continue the journey? The success of Yam Kim-fai (1912-1989) showed that it was possible for male lead roles to be played by a female performer, but throughout the long history of Cantonese opera there has never been an iconic male dan playing female lead roles. Two young male performers, Tan Ying-lun and Wang Hou-wei, insist on going against the grain. Can they succeed in winning acceptance in the local Cantonese opera scene?

About Mr. Cheuk Cheung
Cheuk is the director of the documentary films My Way (2012) and My Next Step (2015), and is the co-founder of A Priori Image. Born in Hong Kong, he graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and his documentaries about Chinese opera (xiqu) practitioners have been screened in London, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Tokyo, Bordeaux and elsewhere. He received the Award for Young Artist (Film) in the 2013 Hong Kong Arts Development Awards and was nominated for Best New Director at the Chinese Film Media Awards. His latest documentary Bamboo Theatre (2019) was nominated for the Best Documentary at the 56th Golden Horse Awards and was named as one of the Films of Merit at the 26th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards. He also received the Special Mention Award at the 2019 Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Awards and the Best New Director award at the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards.