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The Library adopts PlumX to provide Altmetrics for scholarly and creative works by Lingnan's community. PlumX is integrated with with DC@Lingnan and Lingnan Scholars to track both the traditional means of citation counts (via Scopus), and further complementing with other non-traditional measures of scholarly impact or usage mined from activities in a variety of online tools and social media. It demonstrates impact far beyond the scope within the traditional scholarly community, but uncover other potential impacts taken place within other general or non-traditional community.

What impact to measure?
Apart from the most commonly used "Cited-by" reference from high impact journals, more scholarly or creative works are happening outside the traditional journals of books. PlumX discovers both traditional impact in Bibliometrics, and also track other Alternative metrics, i.e. Altmetrics, originated from new ways of interaction, sharing, and commenting. Impact metrics in PlumX are presented in 5 major categories: Citations, Usage, Captures, Mentions and Social Media.

Learn more about PlumX metrics, please access:

For each article / artifact, its impact in 5 categories would be presented like this:

Types of Artifacts
PlumX tracks variety of scholarly and creative artifacts:

  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Conference Papers
  • Datasets
  • Journal articles
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • and more