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Library Notice

Library users can use our photocopying and scanning facilities, provided that they have a clear understanding that the copying does not involve any infringement of copyright. Any copying of copyrighted works without the express permission of the copyright holder must be kept within the limits allowed for "fair dealing".

Please note that you must properly acknowledge the title and authorship of the work and deal with the work in a fair manner in order to enjoy “fair dealing” exemption. There is also no prescribed percentage on what can be copied. The assessment is qualitative rather than quantitative. It is possible that 10% of a book is already a substantial part of the book and this may still fall outside the fair dealing exception and thereby constitute an infringement of copyright. Unpublished materials, such as manuscripts and theses, may be copied only with the permission of the author or the copyright holder.

The Library provides photocopying, printing and scanning facilities to all library users. A copyright notice is displayed at each printer, photocopier and scanner to alert the users about the restrictions on photocopy, printing and scanning and also remind them not to infringe the copyright laws.

The Copyright notice on Library printer, photocopier and scanner

If a user is found to have infringed on copyright, a verbal warning will be given to first-time offenders and a record will be made. Repeated offenders will be referred to the appropriate University authorities for disciplinary actions. The Library reserves the right to refuse service if a user's conduct violates applicable copyright laws.