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Library Notice


The Library’s image galleries service offers support for academic staff, students and alumni who are interested in publishing their own image collection online, including photos, drawings, exhibitions, etc. The Library will act as “electronic distributor” for the images and will provide a secure archive for the content.

Types of images valid for the service:

  • Photo/image collection of Lingnan University/Lingnan’s Departments/Centres.
  • Exhibition organized by Lingnan University/Lingnan’s Departments/Centres.
  • Personally owned image reflecting Lingnan University’s history, and is donated to/authorized Lingnan University to digitalize/disseminate the image.


  1. Requester has to be the owners of the images who holds the copyright to host the image online.
  2. It is encouraged that images be open access compliant although exceptions can be made if necessary.
  3. Owners of images retain copyright to their works; however they must agree to deposit their work for permanent archiving in DC@Lingnan, and the content will only be removed for legal reasons or in other special circumstances.

Design of Image Galleries page:

The image galleries page will adopt the style of DC@Lingnan, which includes default design elements such as DC services navigation tabs and site sidebar.

Proposal Process and Timeline

  1. Contact Library’s Scholarly Communication Team to set a meeting about image galleries hosting.
  2. Provide image’s source file and caption (either digital/printed format).
  3. The image galleries hosting request will be sent to bepress and they will launch the image galleries page.
  4. After the site is launched, you will need to review the metadata fields and ask for customization if necessary.
  5. Library’s Scholarly Team will digitize and post the images into the new image galleries page.
  6. The average time to create an image galleries is within one to two months.

Responsibilities of Image Galleries requester:

  • Provide image’s source file and caption (either digital/printed format)
  • Review metadata fields of the site