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To meet the learning needs of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), the Library has provided two sets of SEN equipment at the SEN Equipment Room which are located at the 1/F North of the Library. The equipment includes:

Software/ Hardware Details
Screen Reader:
JAWS (Job Access with Speech)
NVDA HK edition
JAWS can turn screen content to voice or braille and automatically do OCR for pdf file. NVDA is a screen-reading software that accommodates the need of Chinese users.

Electronic Magnifier:
Zoom Text Magnifier

The electronic magnifier can enlarge the text in the computer screen.
Chinese Input Method:
BRITE is a multi-functional Braille translation editing program which allows people to easily perform two-way instant translation between Braille and regular text.
Braille Display:
Focus 40 Blue braille display
The braille display is a portable machine that can turn the computer screen into braille. It works with screen reader software likes JAWS & NVDA.
Braille Note Taker:
Braille Mini Writer
This braille writer is a portable note taking device that can store braille into USB or miniSD card.
Desktop Video Magnifier CCTV:
Merlin Elite HD/OCR 24" CCTV
The desktop video magnifier CCTV helps to enlarge books/text for reading featuring HD and text-to-speech(OCR) that allows users to listen to the text.
Braille Embosser (printer):
ViewPlus Max embosser
Braille Embosser enables users to print braille on A4 papers.
Book Scanner:
Plustek OpticBook A300
The Book Scanner is designed for scanning book for OCR and used with any text-to-speech software.
Height-adjustable Desk & Flexi monitor arm:
Freemax E11desk
Electric height-adjustable desk is designed to fit users with different levels of wheelchair. The Flexi-monitor arm facilitates the different position for the computer monitor.
3M Polarizing Light 3M Polarizing Light reduces glare on surfaces and the LED bulb is anti-flicker.

Priority will be given to our library users with SEN. For details, please approach to the Circulation Counter for assistance. In addition, users with SEN can approach the Circulation Counter for assistance in checking in and out of the library materials, book searching and retrieval. Library tours can also be arranged.