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Print, Copy & Scan


Four types of facilities are available at every floor of the Library for printing, copying and scanning, including:

  1. Multifunction Printer (MFP) with Wi-Fi Printing Service
  2. Express Printer
  3. Black & White Copier (Copier)
  4. Scanner

Location and Features

 Floor  Location Name Type  A4/A3   Print^  Copy  Scan to Email/USB Scan to PC
1/F Chiang Chen Information Commons B&W 11 - 14 MFP A4, A3  
Colour 15 MFP A4, A3  
Express Scanner A & B Scanner A4      
Book Scanner (Attached to Library PC IC007) Scanner A4, A3      
Reading Room Copier 1A Copier A4      
Back Issue Newspapers Room Copier 1B Copier A4      
2/F Chang Han-tsiu Reading Room Copier 2A Copier A4      
Lee Hak Kan Multimedia and Language Learning Centre (MLLC) B&W 21 & 22 MFP A4, A3  
Colour 23 MFP A4, A3  
3/F Outside Self Study Room B&W 31 MFP A4, A3  
Outside Postgraduate Common Room B&W 32 MFP A4, A3  

^  All MFPs in the Library are configured with DOUBLE-SIDED printing by DEFAULT. You may switch to single-sided or double-sided printing if needed.


  1. MFP and Copier accept Octopus Card for payment.
  2. All scanning services are free of charge.
Name of Facilities Mode A4 Size A3 Size
MFP (B&W 11, 12, 13, 14, 21*, 22, 31, 32) Single-sided HK$0.30 HK$0.60
Double-sided# HK$0.50 HK$1.00
MFP (Colour 15, 23*) Single-sided HK$2.50 HK$5.00
Double-sided# HK$4.00 HK$8.00
B&W Copier (Copier 1A, 1B, 2A) Single-sided HK$0.30 N/A
Double-sided HK$0.60 N/A

* MFP (B&W 21 & Colour 23) accept both ITSC printing account and Octopus Card for payment.
# Duplex discount will be offered to double-sided printing.


Users should always be responsible to select and check your preferred print/copy mode before proceeding. Except on the occasions of hardware error, if a print/copy job fails due to any misconfiguration(s) by the user, the user is required to pay for the print job.


  1. Operation Guide on PC
  2. Operation Guide on MFP
  3. Settings on Single/Double-sided Printing / Multiple Pages on One Side (N in 1)
  4. Wi-Fi Printing


  1. Operation Guide on MFP
  2. Operation Guide on Copier


  1. Operation Guide on MFP - Scan to USB
  2. Operation Guide on MFP - Scan to Email
  3. Operation Guide on Express Scanner - Scan to USB
  4. Operation Guide on Express Scanner - Scan to Email
  5. Operation Guide on Book Scanner (Attached to Library PC IC007)


Please refer to Library's Copyright and Fair Use page for details.

For enquiries on Library service, please contact the Integrated Helpdesk in Chiang Chen Information Commons. (Tel: 2616 8571, Email: