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Octopus Network Printers


Video Guide on Using Octopus Network Printers (YouTube)

Service Charges

Model Printing Type Printer Name (Default Setting) Paper Size Single-Sided Double-Sided
##Ricoh B/W Octopus Printing Octopus B&W IC1 (Double-Sided)        

Octopus B&W IC2 (Double-Sided)

Octopus B&W IC3 (Double-Sided)

Octopus B&W IC4 (Single-Sided)

Octopus B&W 1F Reading Room (Double-Sided)

Octopus B&W 2F1 (Double-Sided)

Octopus B&W 2F2 (Double-Sided)

Octopus B&W 3F1 (Double-Sided)

Octopus B&W 3F2 (Double-Sided)

A4 HK$0.30 HK$0.50
A3 HK$0.60 HK$1.00
Colour Octopus Printing Octopus Colour IC1(Single-Sided)
Octopus Colour IC2(Single-Sided)
Octopus Colour 2F (Single-Sided)
A4 HK$2.50 HK$4.00
A3 HK$5.00 HK$8.00

##     For an odd number double-sided print job, the last page of the print job is considered as a single-sided printing, therefore, it will be charged $0.3 per A4 page and $0.6 per A3 page for black and white printing, and @2.5 per A4 page and $5 per A3 page for color printing respectively.

Printer Location

Floor plan of first floorFloor plan of second floorFloor plan of third floor