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Additional E-resources available to Support your Learning and Research


During the difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic, apart from the databases that the Library has been offering as usual, we have prepared a list of additional e-resources to support your learning and research needs.

Please click on the links under "Title" to access these additional e-resources. 

Title Description Access Until Title List
Various Types 
of Resources
Academic Search Ultimate A database with access to academic journals, magazines, periodicals, reports, books and videos meeting the needs of researchers and students in different discipline. 30 June 2020 Click Here
E-books Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts  An e-book database on Visual Arts resources, including Photography, Design and illustration, Film and media, etc. 31 May 2020 Click Here
E-books Bloomsbury Collections A multi-disciplinary database housing a large collection of e-books. 31 May 2020 Click Here
Bloomsbury Cultural History A database providing e-books and images on the history of social and cultural construction from the Antiquity to the Modern Age. 31 May 2020 Click Here
E-books Cambridge University Press Textbooks  Besides the e-book title the Library has subscribed, this database offers additional e-textbooks on various subjects.  31 May 2020 Click Here
E-books CNKI 電子圖書庫 額外收錄了二百多本電子書,涵蓋多個文史哲科目。 13 June 2020 Click Here
E-journals Computing Database A comprehensive resource on computer topics, with journal titles dating back to the early 1990's. 30 June 2020 Click Here
E-books De Gruyter Books It provides temporary access to over 65,000 DRM-free eBooks from 1650 to 2016. From Arts to Asian Studies, Classical studies to Computer science, Life science to Linguistics.
(Remarks: Go to "Publications" > Filter by User-accessible content on the right of your screen)
30 June 2020 Click Here
Duke University Press A database offering e-books and e-journals on Arts & Literature, and Social Sciences disciplines.  25 May 2020 Click Here
E-books Elsevier eBooks About 39,000 additional e-books on ScienceDirect are available across all content types and all years, including textbooks, monographs, books series and handbook volumes as well and major reference works. 20 May 2020 Click Here
E-books GALE eBooks Access of additional 2,200 titles of e-books on Arts, Business, Education, History, Social Sciences and more. 30 June 2020 Click Here
Various Types 
of Resources
GALE Literature Resources Center A database containing articles on Literature study including literature criticisms, biographies, work overviews, reviews & news etc.
(Remarks: You can search for articles on Chinese literature titles through their English names, like "Dream of Red Chamber" for "紅樓夢")
31 May 2020 N/A
E-books Harvard Business Review E-Books An e-book collection on Business and Social Sciences subjects published by the Harvard Business Review Press. 30 May 2020 Click Here
Various Types 
of Resources
Humanities Source Ultimate This database offers a wide variety of resources ideal for scholars of languages, literature, religion and philosophy, history and the visual and performing arts. 30 June 2020 Click Here
E-books IG Library An e-book database with more than 900 titles published by Business Expert Press, focusing on Business subjects. 28 February 2021 Click Here
JSTOR An extended JSTOR database with access to additional eBooks and journal archives. 30 June 2020 N/A
E-books Manchester University Press Ebook Collections Additional 11 e-Book collections are now open for access, including Film Studies, International Relations, Literature Studies and more. 30 June 2020 Click Here
E-books MIT Press eBooks An e-book database offering titles on various disciplines.  30 June 2020 Click Here
E-journals Performing Arts Periodicals Database A database offering the full-text of more than 160 indexed journals and abstracts for 400 periodicals on arts and entertainment industry. 30 June 2020 Click Here
Project MUSE A directory of additional e-book and e-journal platforms on Humanities and Social Sciences, from a variety of distinguished university presses, societies, and related not-for-profit publishers. (End date of availability is subject to individual publisher) N/A
E-books ProQuest Academic Complete Access of additional 180,000 multidisciplinary e-books, including Arts, Education, Business, History and Science & Technology. 30 June 2020 N/A
ProQuest Central A comprehensive database containing e-books, e-journal articles and other resources across all major subject areas. 30 June 2020 Click Here
Videos SAGE Video A database containing highly relevant educational videos across Social Sciences discipline. 25 May 2020 Click Here
Videos SAGE Research Methods Video You can find out tutorials, interviews, case studies and mini-documentary videos on research methods, data analytics and practical research skills. 25 May 2020 Click Here
SAGE Knowledge An integrated database offering e-books, handbooks, references and videos on various Social Sciences subjects. 25 May 2020 N/A
Sociology Source Ultimate A database containing rich resources for researching on various topics in Sociology. 30 June 2020 Click Here
E-books  Springer Nature Textbooks Access to a range of essential textbooks of all disciplines from the SpringerLink. 31 July 2020 Click Here
E-journals Times Higher Education THE provides data and insights on the latest development of the higher education around the world                                               

Remarks: Users need to register an account by using your Lingnan University email.
To access digital editions of the THE magazine, click on the “Professional” header on home page and select “Digital Editions”

29 May 2020 N/A
E-books University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection An e-book database offering titles on Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines.
(Online reading only)
30 June 2020 N/A
E-books 大成民國圖書全文數據庫 收錄1911年到1949年民國時期出版的三萬多種圖書,共五萬餘冊,涵蓋不同科目。 30 June 2020 N/A
Newspapers 大成近現代報紙數據庫 收錄四十多種報紙,共十多萬期號,出版時間長的主流報紙。 30 June 2020 N/A
E-books 中國各地古方志集 收錄中華人民共和國建國前編纂出版的三千四百多種地方誌,共五萬多卷,涵蓋全國各個地域及非行政區域的地方志。 30 June 2020 N/A
E-books 大成古籍文獻全文資料庫 收錄約一萬三千多種不同古籍,共七萬餘冊。 30 June 2020 N/A
E-journals 中共黨史期刊資料庫(-1949) 收錄1949年前中國共產黨創辦的二百多種刊物,共一萬多期。其中包含了《新青年》、《鬥爭》、《群眾》等代表性刊物。 30 June 2020 N/A
Images 大成老照片 收藏1949年之前拍攝的老照片十萬餘張。 30 June 2020 N/A
Various Types 
of Resources
大成故紙堆 此為以上六個子資料庫及《大成老舊刊全文數據庫》的集合,可在此頁面輕易地搜尋同一主題在不同資料庫的資料。 30 June 2020 N/A

We are still working with various publishers, so the list above will continue to grow. Please visit this page regularly to check for most updated e-resources available.

For enquiries on accessing databases, please email us at or WhatsApp us at (+852) 6057-6002.

Note: The access of e-resources and the title lists are controlled by publishers. Publishers may remove the access of any title without prior notification.