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創意點成金 (28 Jun 2003)


點子成金︰將創意化成商品,並成功進軍外國市場的香港人故事。一個被視為「怪人」的業餘漫畫創作人,捱了五年一日兩餐公仔麵,閉門製作動畫,終於在有限的條件中創造出第一隻打入日本市場的港產遊戲軟件。In other's eyes, he is an amateur comic drawer who has a weird personality. He shut himself behind the door for 5 years under constrained conditions and eventually he creates the first local videogame software that hits the Japanese market. 一點成金︰有創意,再加上專家指點,一盤剛起步的生意也可商機無限。一個熱愛大自然的老人家,因不忍見樹木被大量砍伐做木材,花了十多年時間研究出能防火、防蟲防霉、防鹼防酸、並能扺受強大壓力的人造木。An old man who loves Mother Nature so much is heartbroken by deforestation. He then spent 10-year time to invent man-made timber that is fireproof, mildew proof, shielded against pest, acid and alkali and sustained high pressure. 點「子」接班人︰創意需要接班人,如何燃點下一代創意之夢。一個教育制度的失敗者無緣升讀文法中學,但一間另類設計學校卻發掘了他的創意。He is so-called a loser in the education system who is rejected by grammar schools, whereas a design institute treasures him for his creativity.

Publish Date: 
Saturday, June 28, 2003
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