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多元發展 (05 Jun 2002)


Dioxins, one of the world's worst poisons - proved to be cancer-causing - live in vast amounts in the shipyards where Disneyland is to built. There is 30-thousand cubic meters squared of the stuff living underground. There are two options now open to the government - treat it where it is and only then can building occur or - pull it up, relocate it, and treat it. They've chosen the latter option. Which is deadly for Tsing Yi residents, as the plan will see the dioxins worked into oil, which will then be burned in Tsing Yi. Residents there are already protesting. Greenpeace says the oil will be hazardous to health - and they have the research to back up that statement. 美國有學者創立「多元智能」學說,本港的家長孩子們捲起了多元學習的旋風。

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, June 5, 2002
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