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大橋石屎涉調包 , 安全仍無礙?檢測工序疏監管 , 懲處防重來?( (How Safe are the Bridge's Structures?) (28 May 2017)


大橋石屎涉調包 , 安全仍無礙?檢測工序疏監管 , 懲處防重來?

嘉賓: 陳健碩 土力工程處前處長 Chan Kin Sek Raymond Former Head, Geotechnical Engineering Office,CEDD 黃澤恩 香港工程師學會前會長 Wong C Y Greg Former President, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers 盧耀 香港專業審核師學會會長 Lo Yiu Tommy President,HK Institution of Certified Auditors 袁雄偉 香港建築業承建商聯會副會長 Yuen Hung Wai Vice President, HK General Building Contractors Association 主持: 蘇敬恆

Publish Date: 
Sunday, May 28, 2017
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