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沉迷樂園,倒錢落海?(Worthiness of Further Government Investment in the Park?) (27 Nov 2016)


論題: 沉迷樂園,倒錢落海? (Worthiness of Further Government Investment in the Park?) 嘉賓: 姚思榮 立法會議員(旅遊界) Yiu Si-wing Member, the LegCo (Tourism) 胡兆英 香港旅行社協會當然委員 Michael Wu Siu-ieng Ex-officio member, Hong Kong Association Travel Agents 黎廣德 公共專業聯盟政策召集人 Albert Lai Kwong-tak Policy Committee Convenor, The Professional Commons 李以強 香港生態旅遊專業培訓中心顧問 Charles Lee Yee-keung Consultant, HK Ecotourism & Travels Professional Training Centre 主持: 蘇敬恆 時間: 1200-1300 地點: 維多利亞公園

Publish Date: 
Sunday, November 27, 2016
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