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英語初階 (09 Nov 2008)


監製:張健華; 導演:劉永泰; 主要演員:午馬、黃家諾; 十年前,南拳大師何志明將逆徒錢運昇遂出師門,沒料到今天竟當了錢的學生,但學的不是南拳,而是英文。錢當年被遂出師門後,無法在武術界立足,跑到夜校當英文老師,教授初級英語。事隔十年,沒料到竟在課堂上遇到何師傅,仇人見面,份外眼紅,錢對何師傅百般為難,但何亦默默承受。原來,何師傅的菲律賓籍太太正病重,他應承過太太,要為他寫一封英文情書﹒﹒﹒Elementary English; Ho is a kung fu master. About 10 years ago, Ho had kicked out his student Chin from the school of martial art. But Ho has become Chin's student now. Chin is an English teacher, and Ho is studying under his class. Chin is still angry about Ho. He tries to embarrass Ho in class, but Ho didn't care about it. As Ho wants to write an English letter to his Filipino wife, who is about to die.

Publish Date: 
Sunday, November 9, 2008
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