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藥不到, 肝變衰, 隱瞞通報責在誰? 有機制, 沒跟隨, 失誤因由誓窮追(What went wrong? The Medical Blunder Demands Transparency) (14 May 2017)


藥不到, 肝變衰, 隱瞞通報責在誰? 有機制, 沒跟隨, 失誤因由誓窮追

嘉賓Guests : 蕭旭亮 前線醫生聯盟主席 Seamus Siu Yuk Leung ‎ Chairman, Frontline Doctors' Union 雷兆輝 中大賽馬會公共衛生及基層醫療學院 臨床專業顧問(醫療體系、政策及管理學部) Lui Siu Fai Clinical Professional Consultant , Division of Health System, Policy and Management, The JC School of Public Health and Primary Care CUHK 彭鴻昌 香港社區組織協會幹事 Tim Pang Hung Cheong Spokesman , Patients' Rights Association SoCo 崔俊明 香港醫院藥劑師學會會長 William Chui Chun Ming President, The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong

Publish Date: 
Sunday, May 14, 2017
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