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虐兒案接二連三 救孩子機制評鑑 (14 Jan 2018)


台上講者: 唐少勳香港幼稚園協會會長 Mary S F Tong President, Hong Kong Kindergarten Association 張超雄立法會兒童權利小組委員會主席 Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung Chairman, Subcommittee on Children's Rights, LegCo 蔡蘇淑賢香港保護兒童會總幹事 Susan Choy Director, HK Society for the Protection of Children 葉建忠社總會長/社總「小學輔導關注組」成員 Yip Kin-chung President of HKSWU / Member, HKSWU Guidance in Primary Concern Group 主持:蘇敬恆 維多利亞公園(12-1300直播)

Publish Date: 
Sunday, January 14, 2018
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