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論題: 分化對立話今歲 同台溝通許新願 Discussion on: Review on 2012 Social Confrontation and Outlook on 2013 (30 Dec 2012)


舉行地點: 九龍城賈炳達道公園  Venue: Carpenter Road Park, Kowloon City   陳偉業  民主倒梁力量召集人  Albert CHAN Wai-yip  Convener,  Anti-CY Alliance   高達斌  愛港之聲召集人  Ko Tat-bun  Convener,  Loving Hong Kong Voices   陳倩瑩  民間人權陣線副召集人  Daisy CHAN Sin-ying  Vice-convener,  Civil Human Rights Front 

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Sunday, December 30, 2012
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