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論題: 失業率長期三點幾 求諸外勞有無理? Discussion on: Streamlined process to import workers (30 Mar 2014)


舉行地點: 維多利亞公園涼亭 Venue: Band Stand, Victoria Park 陳圳德 勞工處助理處長 Nicholas CHAN     Assistant Commissioner, Labour Department 劉俊傑 發展局總助理秘書長(工務) Ricky LAU  Chief Assistant Secretary (Works), Development Bureau 李俊暉 建造業議會秘書處經理(研究) Julian LEE Manager (Research), Construction Industry Council 蒙兆達 職工盟總幹事 MUNG Siu-tat Chief Executive, HKCTU 吳秋北 工聯會理事長 勞工顧問委員會成員 Stanley NG Chairman, HKFTU Employee Representative, Labour Advisory Board

Publish Date: 
Sunday, March 30, 2014
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