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論題: 項目主任背景紅 破格聘用惹恐共? Discussion on: Hiring of non-permanent resident in the chief executive-elect's office (29 Apr 2012)


舉行地點: 維多利亞公園涼亭,Venue: Band Stand, Victoria Park;劉焱,候任行政長官辦公室秘書長,LAU Yim, Alice,Secy-Gen of the Chief Executive-elect's Office;陳家洛,浸會大學政治及國際關係學系副教授,Kenneth CHAN Ka-lok ,Associate Professor ,Department of Government and International Studies,HKBU;蘇平治,香港高級公務員協會榮譽主席,SO Ping-chi,Honorary Chairman,Hong Kong Senior Government Officers Association;劉夢熊,全國政協委員,LEW Mon-hung ,Member,Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Publish Date: 
Sunday, April 29, 2012
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