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論題: C Y 要減自由行 市民業界肯唔肯Discussion on: Reducing the number of mainland visitors to Hong Kong (01 Jun 2014)


舉行地點: 維多利亞公園涼亭 Venue: Band Stand, Victoria Park 姚思榮 立法會議員(旅遊界) YIU Si-wing Member, LegCo(Tourism) 袁彌明 人民力量主席 Erica YUEN Ni-ming Chairman, People Power 鍾健平 港人自決藍色起義幹事 Max CHUNG Director, Hong Kong Blue Righteous Revolt 邵家輝 自由黨關注批發零售小組召集人 SHIU Ka-fai Convenor, Concern Group on Wholesale & Retail, Liberal Party 葉穗倫 海怡關注組召集人 Alan YIP Convenor, South Horizons Concern Group

Publish Date: 
Sunday, June 1, 2014
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