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重置展亮無聲氣 殘疾職訓待轉機?The replacement of the Shine Skills Centre and the employment of the people with SEN in HK (09 Dec 2018)


崔宇恒 CareER,殘疾人士就業配對機構創始人兼總幹事 Walter TSUI Founder & Executive Manager, CareER, Job-matching platform for persons with disabilities and Special Educational Needs 鄧哲平 爭取殘疾人士就業配額制聯席召集人 Jake TANG Chit-ping Convenor, Alliance of Quota System for Employment of People with Disabilities 吳嘉熹 觀塘展亮技能發展中心畢業生 NG Ka-hei Graduate, Shine Skills Centre(Kwun Tong) 呂德信 職業訓練局技能訓練中心職員協會理事長 LUI Tak-shun Chairman,

Publish Date: 
Sunday, December 9, 2018
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