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領導有為採主動,先簽備忘後諮詢?判斷建館乃好事,為免尷尬不布公?(Tell Hongkongers How the Palace Museum Will Come To Be?) (08 Jan 2017)


領導有為採主動,先簽備忘後諮詢? 判斷建館乃好事,為免尷尬不布公?(Tell Hongkongers How the Palace Museum Will Come To Be?)

嘉賓: 葉傲冬 Chris Ip Ngo-tung西九文化區管理局董事局成員Member, WKCDA Board陳淑莊 Tanya Chan 立法會監察西九文化區聯合小組委員會副主席Deputy Chairperson, Legco Panel (Monitoring the West Kowloon Development)李國強 Lee Kok-keung支持興建香港故宮文化博物館大聯盟成員Member, The Alliance in Support of Hong Kong Palace Museum何慶基Oscar Ho Hing Kay 中文大學文化管理碩士課程主任Programme Director, MA in Cultural Management CUHK地點: 維多利亞公園 12-1300主持: 蘇敬恆

Publish Date: 
Sunday, January 8, 2017
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