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香江首富退長和 政經影響少或多(Li Ka-shing retirement symbolizes 'end of an era'?) (18 Mar 2018)


台上嘉賓: 劉佩瓊 香港中華總商會榮譽會董 Lau Pui-king Honorary Committee Member, Chinese General Chamber of Commerce 劉夢熊 上市公司前主席 Lew Mon-hung Former Chairman, Hong Kong Listed Companies 李卓人 職工盟秘書長 Lee Cheuk-yan General Secretary, Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions 王弼 獅子山學會董事會成員 Peter Wong, Director,The Lion Rock Institute 主持: 蘇敬恆 九龍城賈炳達道公園 (12-1300直播)

Publish Date: 
Sunday, March 18, 2018
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