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08分和80分 (26 Oct 2008)


監製:張健華; 導演:湯仲星、余國亮; 主要演員:黃瑞麟、朱敏華、李霆峰、黃嘉豪; 1989,中一的阿倫和同學阿杰在一次測驗上忘記在卷上寫名。老師派測驗卷時,剩下兩份沒有名字的試卷,一份08分,另外一份80分。兩人不認08分那份測驗卷,都指80分的那份是自己的。由於他們的字績相似,老師不能分辨,唯有罰二人留堂。兩個年青人,由原來不相識,因為一起留堂,發現大家有著很多共通點–同一個喜愛的電視卡通、同一個看不順眼的男同學、以及同一個理想。他們兩因而成了好朋友。阿倫告訴阿杰,他將會在暑假後跟隨家人移民外國。離開前,他們決定弄一個時間囊,將一些有紀念價值的物品放進去,包括那兩份沒有名字的測驗卷。他們將時間囊埋在學校的後山,相約在阿倫回來時打開。2008年,阿倫從外地回流香港。由於家境不錯,生活不成問題,一直不務正業,沒有怎樣認認真真打過一份工,大多做不長,半途而癈了。當年的約定,還有當初的理想,當然已忘記得一乾二淨了。The difference of 8 and 80 marks; It was in 1989 when Alan and Kit were still in their first year in secondary school. They took a test, and both failed to put their names on their papers. When the teacher gave the papers back to the students, two test papers were left – one was marked 80 out of 100, and the other had only 8 marks. Since the teacher was unable to identify the handwriting, to make it fair, they were both forced to stay behind as a punishment. It wasn't until then the two found out they share quite a lot of things in common. Both enjoyed the same cartoon, hated a particular classmate, and shared the same dream – to become a cartoonist. Alan was talented in drawing, but Kit wasn't. However they encouraged and supported each other. Eventually, they became good friends. One day, Alan told Kit he had to immigrate overseas with his family after the summer. Before he left, they decided to keep a time capsule with their memories and bury it in the hill behind their school. Someday, when Alan comes back again, they shall open the capsule together. Alan came back to HK in 2008. He didn't really have a regular job, but since his family was quite well off, money was not a problem. One afternoon, Alan saw a man wearing a jersey. The words on his back read 08, and with his reflection in the mirror, he saw 0880 – which reminded him of his long time friend Kit and the time capsule. So he went back to the hill, and dug out the capsule.

Publish Date: 
Sunday, October 26, 2008
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