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2nd CE Election Debate; Are We Being Ripped Off by Our Mandatory Provident Funds?; Young Documentary Maker (16 Mar 2007)


First in tonight's show, we turn to the second Chief Executive Election debate. The audience was more balanced than during the first, in which the Election Committee members were overwhelmingly supporting the incumbent CE. Accordingly, there were intense discussions about the ground rules, including whether audience members could clap. But, while the first debate was a historical precedent, how much did the public care about the second? And how did the candidates do? Once again the stock market has been rocky this week, leaving some to worry about the safety of their investments and savings. Well, the Mandatory Provident Fund to which most of us contribute was designed to reduce such fears. To help cope with Hong Kong's aging population the MPF system was launched in December 2000. It's been running for over six years, but is our money being properly managed? Should the government force us to have it managed in the first place? With us in the studio is a long-time critic of the MPF scheme, David Webb, who has just completed a poll on the subject. Add together satellite, cable, free-to-air, and Web TV, and there's more and more television to watch if you're so inclined. But have you ever noticed how very similar so much of it is? How remarkably alike most documentary programmes are? In an attempt to broaden the range of voices on TV, the National Geographic Channel recently encouraged Hong Kong's school students to express their own view of the world through documentary.

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Friday, March 16, 2007
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