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Academy Awards; Hong Kong International Film Festival; Movie Review - "The Queen"; The Camut Band in the Hong Kong Arts Festival (27 Feb 2007)


We begin this week's show by looking at the Academy Awards, or the Oscars. Local audiences and local film-makers were watching the ceremony with particular interest. In the running for several major prizes was "The Departed", Martin Scorsese's film based on a Hong Kong movie "Infernal Affairs". Gary Pollard talks to us about some of the award winners. In the three decades that it's been running the Hong Kong International Film Festival has focused on introducing quality international movies to Hong Kong audiences and introducing Hong Kong movies to international visitors. Now it's going a step further. This year, the festival is timed to coincide with Hong Kong's Filmart and the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum. It's also introducing an awards competition of its own as part of the Hong Kong FIlm Month. Still on movies, one of the major Academy Awards this year went to Helen Mirren for her role in "The Queen". The film's about the aftermath of the death of the former Princess Diana. But it takes us into a world that outsiders don't normally get much access to. So how did well director Stephen Frears and writer Peter Morgan do in interpreting that world? Reviewer Gary Pollard talks to us about it. The Arts Festival officially began on the day of our broadcast, but a couple of shows did jump the gun a little. One was the Camut Band's explosive "Life is Rhythm". The show mixes tap, flamenco, African drumming, and elements of Brazilian capoeira. The dancers are backed by instruments like the Senegalese djembe and the Nigerian udu, but they also provide much of the musical accompaniment themselves, creating interweaving rhythms with their voices, their fingers, and their feet.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
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