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Active Schoolyard (30 Aug 2007)


Most children are fond of physical activities. This vibrancy usually lasts until Primary Five or Six, when difference in character caused by environmental and individual factors starts to appear. Beginning from elementary exercise in lower primary school years, teachers may make use of creative teaching instruments or curricula to make physical education classes more interesting to pupils and give them a sense of accomplishment in taking the classes. External resources may also be deployed to open up the provision of alternative sport activities. In recent years, some sport associations have made efforts to tighten their ties with schools. As such, a variety of less common sports activities, such as jogging, rugby football and trampolining are now available in physical education classes. This episode explores introductory and training classes organized by Archery and Judo Associations to see how they help students make sports part of their lives.

Glamour of Sports
Publish Date: 
Thursday, August 30, 2007
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