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Admiralty Clearance, police power and review of the Umbrella Movement with Yvonne Leung, HKFS (12 Dec 2014)


After 75 days, this week the government used the pretext of a private injunction by All China Express, a subsidiary of Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings, to clear the entire Admiralty protest site, perhaps better known as “Umbrella Square”. Although the injunction covered just one fifth of the total area, the police used other powers to clear the entire protest. 247 people were arrested during the clearance. In a poll by the University of Hong Kong Public Opinion Programme released this week on the popularity of Hong Kong’s disciplined forces, the Hong Kong Police Force came bottom. Even lower than the People’s Liberation Army. The force has come under considerable criticism for the way it has handled both protesters and public over the past two months. And the complaints in earnest began at the start of the protest when tear gas was used against demonstrators. Almost two years ago Benny Tai, a associate law professor at the University of Hong Kong, first raised the idea of occupying Central as an act of civil disobedience. That idea was the genesis for Occupy Central with Love and Peace. But the movement was overtaken by China’s decision to base the election of Hong Kong’s Chie Executive on very restrictive conditions. Students quickly took the initiative to fight this decision leaving Occupy’s leaders to follow in their wake - thus the Umbrella Movement was born. On Tuesday, we went to Umbrella Square to talk to Yvonne Leung, Council Member of the Hong Kong Federation of Students.

The Pulse
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Friday, December 12, 2014
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