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Advertising & Promotion (18 Apr 2007)


This episode of Wins on Marketing focuses on promotion. A good promotional campaign is crucial to the success of an enterprise. Promotion may be subdivided into different categories, namely, advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct selling. These elements should be used as a promotional mix in order to achieve the objective of publicity. This episode covers the stories of a hotspot restaurant famous for its dim sum dishes, a well-known dried seafood shop spanning three generations of management, a pun choi catering operator that was a traditional Chinese restaurant previously, and an upper floor school teaching learners to make desserts. Although advertising is effective in building brand awareness, customers' comments are sometimes even more important. For example, a hotspot restaurant famous for its original dim sum dishes has gained extensive press coverage for its products, which were well-received by celebrities and has continued to attract new customers. The shop believes in creativity and innovation. This has affected its product promotion and marketing strategies, for it thinks innovative products can bring about a feeling of freshness among customers. Similarly, a dried seafood shop emphasising innovation holds that it is of utmost importance to bring knowledge relating to the dried seafood and their processing methods to consumers, as an effort to promote its products in the mass market. The shop owner has financed the publication of books and VCDs on the selection and cooking of dried seafood for free distribution to customers. In this way, confidence has developed and sales gone up. Another pun choi shop knows that traditional dishes cannot rely solely on its good reputation to woo new customers. It has been publishing advertisements on restaurant guides for ten years. Recently, it has set up its own web site and, as a sponsor of an Internet search engine, it has opened up a new channel of publicity. In contrast, it sounds difficult for a dessert school on the second floor of a commercial building to attract customers. But its owner believes that as long as the learners are happy and satisfied in the course of making desserts, they will naturally share their experience with others. They may join another course later or recommend the school to their friends. In this edition of Wins on Marketing, owners of these shops share their experience on promotion and operation.

Wins on Marketing
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
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