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After the March - Political Development?; Dodgy Drugs - Parallel Pharmaceutical Imports and Counterfeits; A Basic Guide to the WTO (09 Dec 2005)


In the wake of Sunday's pro-democracy march the scales may have tipped a little more decisively towards the pro-democrats. Chief Executive Donald Tsang has said he too wants full democracy in his lifetime. This week in Legco, Yeung Sum introduced another motion to ask for a timetable on democratic reform. The recent revelation of unauthorised flu vaccines being used in Hong Kong highlights the problem that some unregistered medicine wholesalers have been operating for years without supervision. When you go to your doctor you may get low-cost "parallel import" drugs, but are they really less effective? And what about the dangers of outright counterfeit drugs, many of which come from mainland China? A recent Oxfam survey revealed that despite all the media attention, more than 90% of respondents had no idea what the World Trade Organisation's 6th Ministerial Conference is here to discuss. The Pulse brings you a WTO primer.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, December 9, 2005
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