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Architecture : sight and sense (22 Dec 2004)


While art reflects different facets of “ life ” , architecture realizes different arts that stem from it. Besides serving the function of a shelter, buildings also help enriching the artistic part of our lives, witnessing the past and the future. In this episode, a few cases in Mainland China and Hong Kong are shown to illustrate how this is so. Following Dr. Chan Lai-kiu revisiting Kwun Lung Lau, a place where she grew up and will soon be demolished, we ’ d see how an important role architecture play in the art of living. The SOHO Modern City in Beijing is a commercial/residential project that incorporates art into commercial architecture. Not only does it provide exhibition areas for art, there are also studios and living areas for artists, who could interact with people working and living there, thus enhancing their understanding and experience in art. Professor Zhang Yonghe of the Centre for Landscape Architecture and Planning (CLAP) at the Peking University shares the same vision with the designers of the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense. Both want to preserve old buildings through repositioning their functions and values. While some strives to preserve old buildings, some dedicates to the construction of new ones. Hong Kong ’ s international airport is regarded as an important landmark in the 21st century. In China, we have the Great Wall, the most ancient and invaluable architecture in our country. Now, under its foot there stands the ‘ Commune by the Great Wall ’ , a brainchild of 11 renowned architects. Invited to the Venice Biennale in 2002, this groundbreaking project has enabled Chinese modern architecture to set foot on the international stage.

Arts Unlimited
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, December 22, 2004
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