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[Are Hong Kong workers underpaid and overworked?] (31 Oct 2010)


<p>Are Hong Kong workers underpaid and overworked? Mr. Fernando Cheung, the former legislator and Mr. Andrew Shuen, Research director from Lion Rock Institute would discuss the underpaid and overworked issue in this program. They have different point of views on the underpaid and overworked situation are as follows: Fernando believes that the market conflicts with human dignity at some point and the situation is barbaric for workers because Hong Kong workers do not have bargaining power and the standard working hours and minimum wages should be established to protect workers&#39; human right. He also points out that long working hours would harming workers&#39; mental and physical health, therefore, work-life balance is essential for Hong Kong workers. In contrast, Andrew believes that the situation is free market think-tank. Free market should determine everything such as working hours and wages for the workers. In additions, the policy for standard working hours and minimum wage may snatch away the chance for people to get their first jobs.</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, October 31, 2010
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