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[Are we doing enough to fight global warming?] (06 Dec 2009)


Global warming would be discussed in this program. Are we doing enough for global warming? Professor Edward Ng from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Mr. Prentice Koo of Greenpeace would discuss the following questions: There are 12 areas in Hong Kong has been identified as heat islands, is that purely the fault of developers building too many high buildings? Or is global warming also responsible? What are the factors in Hong Kong which would influent the heat island? Is the air quality objective too low in Hong Kong? Why Hong Kong government only measuring the energy intensity instead of carbon emission? Is Hong Kong government lagging behind in taking action to fight global warming? What will Hong Kong be like 20 years down the road? And shall we spend more of our effort on learning how to live with climate change than fighting it?

Publish Date: 
Sunday, December 6, 2009
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