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[Are you sick and tired of the high pollution levels we have been having lately?] (19 Dec 2010)


<p>The program would talk about the environment in Hong Kong with Miss Cyd Ho (the legislative councilor) and Mr. Gavin Edwards (climate &amp; energy specialist of Greenpeace). Why Hong Kong people seem to tolerate the high pollution levels? Is Hong Kong government&#39;s response on environment issue lackluster? The various issues such as environmental friendly vehicles, idling engine regulation and nuclear energy would be discussed. In addition, Gavin would talk about the impacts of nuclear energy and explains the reasons why they oppose to have nuclear energy. Finally, they believe that government could do more to cut back the energy consumption of business promotion and think about to use other renewable energies such as solar energy to replace the nuclear energy since the safety factor of nuclear energy is concerned.</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, December 19, 2010
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