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The Art of the Cheongsam; Film Review - "Die Hard 4.0"; Studio Performance: Local Group "Pixeltoy" (10 Jul 2007)


A recent exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre looked at some of the layers of meaning associated with the cheongsam. It began as a fairly androgynous garment, deliberately designed to look like men's clothes, to advance the emancipation of women in China. As time passed it developed into a sensuous and very feminine garment. With the revolution, may of Shanghai's best tailors moved to Hong Kong, bringing the cheongsam with them. Today the dress has become a cultural icon. We look at how it's developed over the more than a century of is existence, and the state of the cheongsam now. The first "Die Hard" movie was an enjoyable if perhaps over-plotted experience. The two sequels were much less interesting. Now New York police detective John McClane is facing down another evil mastermind and his cronies. These enemies are very sophisticated, but - as reviewer Gary Pollard tells us - Bruce Willis, as McClane, still outwits them with brawn and determination. Local singers "Pixeltoy" had a new album out the day before our broadcast. They also have a couple of concerts coming up this weekend. They began as an electronica group, but the new album is going for much more of a "band sound". In our studio tonight, they perform an English version of "Inkpot", one of the songs on that new album.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
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