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The Art of Management (16 Mar 2003)


SIU Yat, a 20-something who majored in Music, set up a company in Hong Kong in 1998. His company provided community service web and user platform for clients, such as email, e-commerce and various IT enquiry services. With 6 to 7 staff members from the start, the company has already increased to nearly 100 members at present. Its subsidiary companies are located in Beijing, Seoul, Germany and St. Jose, USA respectively. The 21st century is an era of information technology. Some people say management in the 21st century is all about digital management. Simply speaking, it is about transforming complicated and ever-changing information into some measurable digits and data. Then, a digitized model will be set up to incorporate these data into a calculator for collective management. This mode of management is achieved through the linkage between computer and network and will effectively improve the functions of knowledge management,business operations and commerce in enterprises. The above are exactly the scope of services provided by the Outblaze to its clients. What is the philosophy of management behind this successful internet platform company? SIU Yat does not know the Chinese language, but unlike other I T companies, he does not adopt an US-style management mode which he believes would lead to polarization among staff of different cultural backgrounds. SIU Yat regards his staff as i nvestors who can apply their knowledge, skill and experience to the company and become a kind of human capital to it. In this programme, Dr. Winnie Wong, assistant professor of the Department of Management at the Lingnan University, will analyse various types of management philosophy and the key factors for SIU Yat's success.

Publish Date: 
Sunday, March 16, 2003
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