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Artist-Owned Art Gallery; Art and The Erotic; Film Review - "The Incredible Hulk"; Jazz Trumpeter Shunzo Ohno in Concert (17 Jun 2008)


It isn't always easy for young artists to get their work in front of the public. The more commercial galleries would prefer you to have a name before they devote much gallery space to your work. Some of the smaller galleries are more interested in introducing new talent. Now though, two Hong Kong artists have decided to take things into their own hands, and opened the Hulahoop gallery. In terms of commerce, Hong Kong may want to be known as Asia's world city, but in the eyes of many it's a world city with little or no space for artistic exploration of human sexuality. Local artists are often cautious about approaching the erotic. And when they do, arguments can quickly arise on where the erotic ends and the pornographic begins. At the cinema it's going to be a summer of sequels, remakes and re-imaginings, often of comic book heroes that were at their most popular in the 1960s, long before most of today's movie audience members were even born. In 2003, Marvel Comics teamed up with Hollywood to make "The Hulk". It wasn't widely considered much of a success. This year, they've come back with "The Incredible Hulk", and they've pretty much started afresh. Gary Pollard reviews the new version. Japanese trumpet player Shunzo Ohno moved to New York in 1974. Since then he's played with many of the best known names in jazz, including including Art Blakey, Roy Haynes, Gil Evans, Herbie Hancock, and Wayne Shorter. He's even appeared on David Byrne's "Rei Momo" and Dave Matthews' "Digital Love". He was performing at the Fringe Club over the weekend, accompanied by local artists Eugene Pao on guitar and Ted Lo on piano, as well as Japanese musicians Shinichi Sato on bass and Tamayo Honda on drums. The Works was there.

The Works
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
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