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Artistic Couples; Film Review: "Enchanted"; Zingaro (12 Feb 2008)


In celebration of Valentine's Day, tonight's edition of The Works is dedicated to romance. In Hong Kong's cultural circles, there are many examples of couples whose creative partnerships cover both their personal and professional life. We spoke to a few of them, on how art and romance combine. If you go back to the originals, folk tales and fairy tales often have a pretty dark image of romance. But, in their adaptation into movies for mass consumption, particularly in the animated films of Disney, that dark element tends to be replaced by sweetness and light. The new movie "Enchanted" which is made by the Disney company itself, both celebrates and sends up that idea, by moving its fairytale characters, along with their somewhat innocent view of love, to modern day New York. Reviewer Gary Pollard tells us more. And to end our pre-Valentine's Day episode of The Works, we have a touch of gypsy romance. When people think of gypsy life in the real world, it may not always seem such an enviable existence, but there is also the gypsy life of myth: full of passion, freedom, vitality, exhilarating music and great horsemanship. For the next month or so the equestrian group, "Zingaro", presented by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Hong Kong Jockey Club, is inviting audiences into the world of "Battuta".

The Works
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
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