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Artists on the Post-Handover Decade; Film Review: "Scorpio"; Studio Performance: Members of the Windpipe Chinese Ensemble (26 Jun 2007)


There's been a lot of talk lately about the 10th anniversary of the Hong Kong SAR. Most of it's been focused on social and political issues. In an extended report this week, a quartet of locally-based artists tell us about their efforts to reflect the changes of the past decade. If you watch enough Hollywood movies, you'll probably think there are more serial killers in the United States than there are lawyers or accountants. Some of the ones that have been featured in movies are fictitious. Others actually existed. Director David Fincher gave us a fictitious serial killer in the very dark "Seven". Now he's presented a case study of a search for a real one in "Zodiac". Reviewer Gary Pollard talks to us about it. Finally, two members of the Windpipe Chinese Ensemble are in our studio to give us a sample of an upcoming concert: "The Art of Liu Sen".

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
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