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Brazil: The Samba Medication (01 Sep 2005)


Brazilians. Ironically, people who have contracted with HIV are more likely to care about keeping their life than those who have not. All HIV carriers or AIDS patients the director met in the slums of Rio de Janeiro were optimistic about their future. So long as they could receive proper medications, there was still some hope. In the developing world, six million infected people need the prohibitively expensive ARV drugs but only less than half a million can receive the treatment, with 30% being Brazilians. The South American country is the first in the third world to provide ARV medications freely to all its people. The policy is a result of joint efforts by the government and civic society.The documentary features interviews with an economist, Medecins Sans Frontieres volunteers, members of civic organizations in Brazil, health officials and representatives of multi-national drug company to recount Brazil ’ s confrontation with the developed world led by US.Disregarding intellectual property protection and taking public interest into account, the Brazilian government manufactured ARVs locally. This has lowered drug costs and hit a blow to the monopoly enjoyed by mult-national pharmaceutical companies. Brazil ’ s initiative resulted in a snowball effect in the late 90s, with developing nations gradually producing patent drugs domestically.HIV has wreaked havoc Brazil for over two decades. AIDS patients in Brazil are enjoying longer-than-expected life with the support of medications. Death is no longer an imminent threat. Instead, they are emotionally wounded by rejection in love. The director has documented the Brazilians ’ relentless pursuit of life and love. Samba under the bright sun in Brazil are exhibiting the courage and energy the nation towards AIDS.

Global Aid for AIDS
Publish Date: 
Thursday, September 1, 2005
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