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British Museum's "Treasures of the World's Cultures" exhibition; Film Review: "Lust, Caution" and "Michael Clayton"; Contemporary Miniature Painting from Pakistan (16 Oct 2007)


At the Hong Kong Museum of Art until early December, "Treasures of the World ’ s Cultures" is a touring exhibition from the British Museum. It includes ancient coins, ceramics, sculpture, glass, silver and gold ware, paintings and jewellery. Some of the exhibits are over two million years old. On show are several iconic pieces that would normally be on permanent display in London. The exhibition includes around 250 objects and the intention really is to represent all cultures of the world as far as possible. Currently two notable movies are showing at local cinemas. Ang Lee ’ s "Lust, Caution" was awarded the "Golden Lion Award" at the Venice Film Festival, a decision that was not uncontroversial. Also showing at the Venice Film Festival was Tony Gilroy ’ s "Michael Clayton". The movie, starring George Clooney, is a thriller about a fixer for a law firm, who suddenly finds himself questioning what he ’ s been doing all these years. Gary Pollard talks to us about both movies. The Mughal Empire that once controlled most of the South Asian subcontinent has left the world a wealth of artistic wonders, including its miniature paintings. Produced for the enjoyment of the royal courts, and exquisite in their line and detail, these paintings are often celebrations of the rulers and their kingdoms. The Mughal empire has long since ended, but the tradition is still alive. Pakistani artists like Imran Qureshi and Aisha Khalid have taken it in a new direction. They were in Hong Kong this week for an exhibition and a workshop.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
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